Movable swimming pool floors

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SPIRALIFT for Movable Swimming Pool Floors

The Spiralift is ideal for use in public, institutional, therapeutic, hotel and private home swimming pools of all sizes; providing pool designers & builders alike with high capacity/high travel Spiralift technology to help them create multifunctional pools suitable for any type of aquatic activity.

With its compact retracted height (as low as 400mm) and high load supporting capacity, Spiralift is an integrated solution that can be custom-tailored to your movable pool floor project requirements. The Spiralift automatically adapts pool depth to the required level while providing sustained capacity for flooring purposes that meets the most stringent building codes.
Movable swimming pool floor

Easily configured and flexible enough to suit any freeform basin geometry, the Spiralift does not require as much pool depth for the same amount of travel as competing solutions and can be deployed in very shallow pool depths with minimum additional excavation, even for very deep pools.

Commercial movable swimming pool floor
To learn more about our AKVO Spiralift Movable Floor solution, visit the web site at or read our product PDF brochure.

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