Column lifts

The latest breakthrough in lifting technology:
The I-Lock 75

The I-Lock 75 principle of operation is quite simple: two stainless steel bands engage as they rotate to form a remarkably strong lift column resulting in a rigid structure. The column is capable of pushing or pulling action with infinite adjustability. The new 100x150x150 mm model, shown here, has travel of 1,600 mm and a load capacity of 400 kg. (see product specifications sheet of I-Lock 75) Since higher travel and higher capacity are possible, it is perfectly adapted to a whole new range of applications.

With its unsurpassed ratio of deployed vs. collapsed height, the I-Lock Spiralift can be integrated into the most compact designs, ensuring precise lifting, reliable and smooth operation. To learn more about the I-Lock Spiralift and how it can facilitate your projects contact us at, or give us a call! We’ll gladly show you how the I-Lock Spiralift is the best solution for your application.


  • Low noise
  • Unsurpassed ratio of deployed vs collapsed height
  • Smooth rotary motion and quiet operation
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Large static capacity
  • Very compact design
  • Low wear/low maintenance
  • No corrosion due to stainless steel

Principle of operation

I-Lock 250 detail shownI-Lock: Linear Actuator

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