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AUTOMOTIVE lifting systems applications

Paco Spiralift provides innovative solutions for the automotive industry using its Spiralift technology. Here are 3 types of solutions where the Spiralift has been used in the automotive industry

Adjustable Height Skid
A lightweight and compact automotive lift that fits standard roller conveyors and offers clear undercarriage access in limited spaces. It is an autonomous and low maintenance system that provides greater versatility compared to other low-rise car lifting systems. It offers the same strength and durability of a fixed-height skid but with the added convenience of variable height settings with very little weight added to the structure.

Product sheet (PDF) Adjustable Skids
Skillet lifter
An adjustable automotive scissor lift table that allows the operator to set the table at a suitable height for increased efficiency. With its simple design and large tubing construction, the automotive lift offers enhanced stability and precision while remaining easily customizable for any skillet platform. With its stable and durable no-weld construction, highly reliable low-maintenance actuators and bearings, it enables high rates of productivity and maximum flexibility; producing constant lift speeds with low power requirements.

Product sheet (PDF) Skillet lifter
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV Lift)
A compact and reliable AGV lift which extends or retracts to lift or lower loads. Equipped with electro-mechanical actuation, the automated guided vehicle allows clear access for maintenance purposes and provides improved stability.

Product sheet (PDF) AGV Lifts
Clients who have used the Spiralift technology in either one of the above applications:
Audi | Citroen | Cummings Motor | Daimler Chrysler | Dongfeng Automobile/Nissan | Donghee Auto Motors | Ferrari | Flexlift | Ford Motor Co | General Motors | Great Wall Automobile | Hyundai/Hyundai Bus Motor | Jaguar | Kia Motors/Kia Bus | Mercedes Benz | Nanjing Automobile | Peugeot | Renault/Samsung Motors | SsangYong Motors | Volkswagon |


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