Telescopic mast

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SPIRALIFT Telescopic Mast

A Lightweight & Versatile Lifting SolutionBased on the proven I-LockILR250, the Spiralift Telescopic Mast is a stable, adjustable column formed of continuously integrated, I-shaped sections which can be used in an upright, inverted, or horizontal position for complete application flexibility.

The Spiralift Telescopic Mast has a closed height of 2.25 ft. or less, outside dimensions of 3x3 ft. and an extended height of up to 25 ft.

It provides accurate, repetitive positioning and a dynamic capacity of up to 1000 lbs. With a simple installation process and maintenance-free operation, it is an ideal solution for a broad range of applications. - Product dimensions may vary depending on capacity and extended height required.

Provides the same sturdy dependability and mechanical efficiency common to all Spiralift devices


* Camera masts for surveillance, photography
* Communication masts
* Lighting masts for light towers, construction sites
* Display masts for signage, stage props


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Telescopic mast
Telescopic mast


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